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Mike and Dennis

All I can say is Wow!
A sincere thank you for the time and effort, going above and beyond to make a life lasting memory for Jenna. I will make every effort to spread the word about the work the both of you do, hope to book a hunt with guys down the road. Bye for now, safe travels.
Ray Olson



 Mike and Dennis



I very much appreciate everything about the class. The technique tune up Friday was worth the price of admission. That day was key and critical to making us all successful. And of course, Sunday stretched us while tying it all in together. And then, at the mine! I would have been happy seeing ANYBODY hit that 1200 yard shot. As it was, there were many.


Thanks for insisting that Dan & I stay for the Sunday morning session – we had a great time, and were still back home by 9 pm, due to your planning. Had I known, I would have stayed Sunday if the only thing I saw was that perfect bullet trace on the 800 yard shot.


There’s so much I could say, but I don’t want to make you guys blush. Suffice it to say that Dan came by the office today with his wife so excited he couldn’t stop talking about his weekend. You guys did a wonderful job. Thank you!






Mike, thanks for a great few days last week.  I learned a ton and really appreciate all the effort you and Dennis put into the course and how you were willing to help us all individually.  I’ll get my equipment issued figured out and back on track soon.  I look forward to taking a follow up class next year.

Brad Ruland



Thanks Mike, I really enjoyed the school. My son and I had a great time and plan on coming to it again next year. Already bought a new rifle so I'm ready to go.

Gerald Nash



Mike and Dennis,

Hey, this is Keith Olsen. I just wanted to say thanks for the great class. I learned a lot and enjoyed the hell out of it.  You guys did a great job. I just did a internet search on your long-range hunting schools. I found a video of you guys in helicopters. That looks like a trip of a lifetime. Thanks again, take care

Keith Olsen



Kevin Louwsma –

Before Class- 

Looking forward to the class....because I kinda suck at shooting and need all the help I can get.


After the class-


Just wanted to say great class. I had a blast. I came in nervous as hell that I would look like an idiot, but ended up learning a ton and gaining a lot of confidence. 

Thanks again, Kevin-




Had a blast getting to know you. The school was great and I learned a lot. Look forward to more adventures.

Mike Bergeron



Mike and Dennis,

Just wanted to thank you both for inviting Britton and I to the shooting school.

I haven’t seen Britton smile and laugh that much in over a year. The time you spent

helping him, and me, learn to shoot properly was much appreciated.

Although he has never shot a rifle before you made him comfortable and he is now addicted to shooting. As he continues to recover we will be out practicing for our antelope hunt.

Thanks so much for the lasting memories.





Thanks for a fantastic class. My confidence and shooting ability have never been higher and I have hunted my whole life. The things I learned have made me a much better hunter and shooter already.

Going into this upcoming hunting season I am confident I will be more ethical and confident in harvesting my animals.

Headed out on my sheep hunt in Sept. I was nervous about the possible shots I might be forced to take to be successful. Now I know I can do it if I continue to practice the things I learned.

Thanks also for all the help with my scope issues.

Thanks again- Bob



Mike and Dennis,

What a great class this past weekend at Deadwood. Even though I went through last year, I didn’t get out and practice like I should have. To go through again really made class even more informative and help some of the things I forgot sink in. I am still amazed you can improve folks shooting that much in 3 days. The group I shot with on Sunday was amazing the shots they were making.

Look forward to seeing you guys again-




Mike and Dennis,

Wanted to let you know how much Patrick and I enjoyed the class. To see my son enjoy the shooting and do well was a great experience. We look forward to our hunts this fall. Thanks for the great time and school-


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