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LE Sniper School  Aug. 26-29, 2019

Parma Shooting Range

Parma, Idaho

This school is designed for both the beginning sniper and the advanced sniper to hone their individual skills and their team work. Students will learn the fundamentals involved in becoming a precision marksman. They will learn the latest methodology of the Law Enforcement Sniper Team and how to respond during deployment. Students will build confidence in their shooting abilities and their equipment. They will learn their limitations and their equipment’s limitations so they can train appropriately.

We are going to really focus on shooting skills this year and challenge students to become even better shooters.

Students will learn training ideas to keep their skills at peak ability. They will also learn how to engage targets at various ranges, moving targets, and unknown distance targets. Students will train in hostage rescue, active shooter and other scenarios during the school. Teams will leave with the knowledge to continue training and improving when they return to their home agencies.


LE Sniper School Schedule

Day One- Parma Shooting Range

 0800 -1200  - Class Room

Introductions/ purpose/ goals/

LE Sniper System Setup and needs

Fundamentals of shooting/ Ranging /Reading Wind

 Environmental conditions and their effect on bullet flight.

External Ballistics 

1200- 1800 - Range

 Data gathering 100-600 yards

Stress Course


Day- Two

 0800- 0930 –  Range Class

Extreme Angle Shooting /Positional shooting techniques 

 1000- 1130 am –  Cold Bore, Angle Shooting

1200-1800 Cold Bore, Scenarios, Observe and report

Unknown Distance, positional shooting.



 Day Three-

 0800 – 1200 – Cold Bore, Moving targets, unknown distance

 1200 – 1500 – Cold Bore,  Know Limitations, speed shooting

 1600 – 2400 -  Low light engagements 


Day Four-

0800-1200 - Cold Bore, move and shoot scenarios, LR engagements

                     scenario training


Equipment list and directions will be sent to registered teams.


Cost: $550 per student

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