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Some nice animals from the 2020 season. Dennis has been doing some great guiding this year. Located some very nice animals for clients again.


Long Range Shooting is a great skill to have and a ton of fun to learn and practice. Join us for a class and really learn to shoot

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New Zealand Classes were a blast. Everyone was keen to learn and they all shot very well. Wonderful people and into LR shooting.


Sid with his beautiful Montana Whitetail. 400 yards shot. Held out got this deer he had seen him a few times.

Larry with his huge 32 inch Auodad Ram/ 458 yrd shot. 

Law Enforcement Sniper School was a great success. All teams did well and worked hard during the class to improve their skills.


Deadwood School was a blast! Shooting in the mountains is best for hunting scenarios.

Northern California Class

Had a blast with the students at George's place.

Fierce Arms Class at Castle Valley Utah was a great class. Lots of banter and fun with the students. This class had several larger caliber rifles and the students did very well with them. A few flinches but not to bad. Amazing shooting opportunities in the canyons.

Weiser Class was great. 14 shooters on a very good range at Gene's place. We battled a little weather but got to shoot some various winds which improved everyones confidence. Good equipment and everyone learned some valuable info they can now apply to their shooting to enhance their hunting and shooting experience. Thanks to Gene for getting this together.


Just returned from a wonderful adventure in New Zealand. Three classes plus the Vortex NZ Mountain Challenge competition plus hunting in between was an amazing experience. Met some wonderful people in the classes and in our travels. Thanks to all who made this trip a great success. 

Antelope Island Utah deer tag. my friend Rick drew the tag and held out until he found Momba, the deer he was searching for. Exciting hunt. You can read the details on our face book page. 

                                                                                  Memorable Elk Hunt

First elk hunt of 2017 saw us taking Kevin Holtry out for a wonderful hunt. Kevin is a Boise Police Officer that was shot and paralyzed last fall and is still recovering and learning to cope with his new life. With the help of some great rancher friends we were able to aquire a landowner tag for Kevin to use. We arrived just before sunup and got Kevin in his chair and wheeled him through the dark to the edge of a bluff overlooking a river bottom the rancher had seen elk using to move into and out of his hay fields. At first light we saw two bulls feeding their way to a bedding area in thick cover. We set Kevin up with a 7mm and some shooting sticks and help brace him for the shot. He dropped the bull in it's tracks at 150 yards, Recovery was a chore out of the river bottom but we got it done and Kevin was able to get his hands on his bull. Kevin was on cloud nine and his smile says it all. Kevin said 3 months ago he would never have dreamed he would be able to hunt again. Very special day for all of us,

Special thanks to Jud and Dave the ranchers and Dennis VanAcker my partner  for the help in making dreams come true.

Just finished a week with some great LE sniper teams. Dynamic shooting situations, both positional and prone that challenged these teams. Long hours and night engaements with nightvision was all part of a fantastic week with some dedicated professionals. Honored to have them in class.

Deadwood Schools are a wonderful experience. Beautiful mountain setting and great people. From the range to high angle shooting everyone had a great time.

A couple people got their scope cuts on foreheads but kept going. Looking forward to next year!

Hunting Illustrated/ Fierce Arms second class was exceptional. Excellent conditions A good scope cut while shooting positional didn't stop these shooters. Students performed beyond their expectations. Hitting targets at 800 yards in a 30mph wind was amazing. Thanks to all for a great time.

Peck Idaho School was at the Little Canyon Preserve hosted by Sonny Hairston. 11 shooters had beautiful weather with just enough wind to really learn to read and apply for it. long distance and high angles make for a great learning experience. Well done by all attendees. Note:

Jason shot a perfect score on the scenarios which was amazing considering the wind, angles and distances.

Hunting Illustrated Fierce Arms School held at Castle Valley Preserve. Beautiful facility and great shooting stations. Students had superb equipment and did very well. Top shooter was Chris who had a new rifle and hadn't really shot LR before. Great group of people.

2017 New Zealand: We completed the Vortex New Zealand Mountain Challenge that has been going on for 4 years. 30 teams from the US, New Zealand and Australia had a beautiful day shooting in the Mountains of Avalon Station.


Then Dennis and I spent a few days DIY hunting Chamois and Tahr in the high mountains. Taught a LR class at Avalon Station with some great people attending. Always fantastic shooting and hunting in NZ. 

Successful Hunts Preview:


DIY Tahr Hunt NZ

Hunted high and Hard for this beautiful trophy taken by Dennis at 180 yards after a 4.5 mile hike in and 1000 yard stalk.

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