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This unlucky Wallaby made the mistake of hopping up next to the 700 yard target.

Class made quick work of the skippy.

Photo Gallery

May 29th Boise School great group of guys!

                   Boise School June 12-14, 2015

June 19th Class was a lot of fun. Great people and we all had a blast working with two youth shooters. Tyler Nicholson shot extremely well and on Sunday stretched his 6.5 Creedmoor out to 1,150 and 1,250 yards. 

June 26th Class lot of newer shooters who did a wonderful job learning environmental conditions affecting ballistics of their rounds. 

Made some fantastic shots at distances out to 1,280 yards. Everyone hit the 1,000 yard targets several times. 

                    New Zealand Class 2016

Great group of shooters. Worked hard to improve and did a wonderful job applying the fundamentals and hitting targets.

            New Zealand 2016

Canyon Shoot 2015

Law Enforcement Sniper School 2015

Texas School 2015

Castle Valley Outdoors Utah

Hunting Illustrated / Fierce Arms School  2015

"Boom Room"

New Zealand School, 2015

"Smack Shack"

New Zealand School, 2015

New Zealand, 2014

Deadwood Outfitters, 2014

Boise Schools, 2014

Texas Schools, 2014

Deadwood School, 2013


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