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Class Information and Registration

LR Classes are usually Thursday evening class room time then range time Friday and Saturday. Some run Friday - Sunday. 

                                      Private lessons are 2HR/ 4HR/ Full Day 1x1 multi person class can be arranged.

                                                                                  Cost $65 per hour per person


     Scroll Down until you see the school that you want and add to cart or                               contact the person listed for registration

Any questions contact 

Mike Perkins


Ph: 208-891-4854


Texas School

March 23-24 2024 

To register contact:

BJ McPherson

Boise IdahoSchool  

June 14-15, 2024

Register Online Below

                Oakstone Outfitters

              Pasa Robles California

                    August TBD

                     Register at


           New Zealand (North Island)

                   Feb 16-18/ 23-25

                        March 1-3 2024

To register contact:


North California School

June 21-22, 2024

 To register contact:

Robert Bugwig


Extreme LR Class

Diamond D Ranch Idaho

June 6-7 2024

 Register with

 Diamond D Ranch

                Diamond D Ranch

                  Stanley Idaho

           May 31-June 1/ June 3-4 

                   Sep 6-7  2024

                      Register at 


       Wind Reading and Applying Class

                Boise Idaho Range

                   May 18th, 2024

               Register Online Below

School Locations

  • Boise, Idaho

  • New Zealand

  • Midland Texas

  • Oregon

  • California

Cancellation Policy


Deposit returned if registration is canceled prior to 90 days of school.


Deposit non-refundable if canceled after that time but will be credited to a future class.

Boise Idaho Schools



June 14-15, 2024


Ranch near Boise



$700– includes school, class materials, range time, instruction

Deposit of $200 to be sent with registration to confirm your spot.


The ranch we will be holding the school on is south of the Boise airport. We have facilities for classroom time and plenty of room for the ranges and shooting activities we have planned. You will have the opportunity to test your firearms capability and yours. You will learn your limitations and your equipment's limitations. You will be treated like family and friends and we hope to be counted among your friends when you leave.


Hotel Recommendations:


Holiday Inn (near Airport)

Hampton Inn (near Airport)

Fairfield Inn (near Airport)


Country Inn & Suites

3355 E. Pine Av. Meridian ID. 83642  Ph: 208-639-3300


Class will start the Friday morning of the school you register for at 8:00 am

 Boise School June 14-15, 2024


Canyon Shoot Competition



April 20 2024



 Owhyee front



$140 per 2 person team


*Limited to first 24 teams. This competition is designed for hunters who would like the opportunity to test their skills and equipment in a friendly fun competition.



Each Two person team will be paired with another team and sent on the course. Teams will exchange score cards, and then travel to 10 designated shooting locations on the course and engage two targets at each location.  During the competition, shooters will shoot in various positions from prone to standing.  Score will be kept and prizes awarded for 1st-3rd place teams and 1st place individual.

Each group will be given 4 minutes prep time when they arrive at each location. Then each team will be given 4 minutes to fire their rounds including any second rounds that need to be fired. The scoring team will keep track of the time and record scores. The teams in the group will alternate at each location to determine which team fires first.



Rifles will be limited to 10 lbs. unloaded maximum weight, not counting scope. This is designed as a hunting rifle competition. Maximum caliber allowed is 300 RUM.



Shooters will only be allowed to carry the following equipment during the competition.

Rifle with scope, sling and bi-pod / ammunition / binoculars / Spotting scope / Range finder shooting sticks (2 leg only) / Wind meter / Smart Phone / back pack to carry equipment and water. Team can share equipment not rifles. Each Two Person Team will need 4 wheelers or Razor type ATV to travel the course. 


Course of Fire

Shooters will engage targets from 100 to 1200 yards. Target size will range from 1.5 to 3 MOA at various targets.  Targets will either be steel or painted rocks for immediate feedback and scoring.  



 Shooter will receive 10 points for a first round hit. If they miss they can take a follow up shot

 which is worth 5 points if hit.

 There will be a shoot off for team and individual if there are ties.





-Saturday April. 22: 7:00 am, Check in,  8:30 a shotgun start.

- Competition should be completed by 3:00 pm.

- 3:30 pm awards and closing get together.


To register hit add to cart button and check out.

Extreme LR Class


June 6-7, 2024


Diamond D Ranch

Stanley Idaho





Break out the big guns and join us for a great shooting experience. You will learn the techniques involved in shooting Extreme distance, learn to read new environmental conditions, how to become an excellent observer and call ELR shots for your partner, reading trace, mirage, and various splash indicators.

In this class you will engage targets out beyond 2000 yards in some beautiful mountain settings.

Tuition includes 3 nights stay, all meals and ranch amenities. There is fishing, horseback riding swimming and relaxing in the beautiful Frank Church Wilderness. 


Suggested Equipment List

 Rifle caliber 300 win mag or larger./60-80 rounds of ammo /Bi-pod/ shooting mat/ spotting scope

Dope Book/ Kestral 5700 / Range finder capable of ranging ELR distances.

                Extreme LR School

                Full Payment $1500

   Book this class by registering with

             Diamond D Ranch at:

Any questions contact Mike Perkins



                                                                 Diamond D Shooting Schools

                                                                      May31-June 1 / June 3-4 / Sept. 5-7

                                                                                     Cost $1500

                                                             Includes Lodging/meals/activities/ and the class

     Diamond D is a special place nestled in the Frank Church Wilderness. The guest ranch is truly a home away from home. This class is a perfect class to bring a non-shooter spouse or friend to relax and enjoy all that Diamond D has to offer. Hiking, horseback riding, fishing, row boats on the lake, swimming in the heated pool or relaxing in the hottub. The cabins and rooms are comfortable and the meals are amazing.

     The ranges we shoot from in the class are layed out for a fun experience engaging targets in a mountain setting. Get signed up and come and enjoy a wonderful place to meet others and enjoy the hospitality of Diamond D Ranch. 

                                                         Register for classes by contacting Diamond D Ranch at


                                                   Wind Reading and Applying Class

                                                         Boise Idaho Range

                                                                            May 18th, 2024

                           Come and spend the day learning to read and apply wind to your shooting. 

Students will learn the techniques we use to read the wind, give a value to to it and then apply it to our shooting. Students will learn to judge wind speed, read mirage, learn to read gusts and lulls and

 read terrain features impacting wind. Students will learn the horizontal deflection and also the vertical deflection wind can have on their bullet during flight.


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