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Below you will find information about our instructors. The passion we have for shooting and helping others discover the best in themselves and improving their own skills is what really drives us. We love the shooting sports and look forward to helping you.


 Mike, Dennis and Dave

About Us

We started the classes after years of guiding elk and deer hunters out west, and then becoming frustrated with the number of hunters that would miss legitimate shots on game animals because they didn’t know how to shoot properly. We watched as they made fundamental shooting errors from 100-400 yards that would cost them going home empty handed.

"Having been a sniper  and sniper instructor for 27 years, I decided to adapt some of that instruction into a class for hunters that would help them learn to shoot, shoot better and build confidence by using those shooting fundamentals to engage targets at extended distances out to 1000 yards and beyond." 
                                                                                           -Mike Perkins

The other practical reasons to learn the techniques of Long Range Shooting are:


  • It teaches you your limitations, and your equipment's limitations.


  • Shooting extended distances hones the fundamentals of good shooting. If you are applying proper fundamentals and hit targets at extended range, then the closer shots from 100-300 that are more normal, will become much easier.


  • Shooting extended distances is fun. To be successful with shooting longer distances, you must have the knowledge to make proper adjustments to your rifle and scope. You do this so you can put that first round in an ethical kill zone. Once you hone those skills on the range, you will be ready to take those skills to the field and not be guessing or hoping you made a good shot.  

The Instructors


Mike Perkins

Mike has been involved in training rifle shooter for the last 42 years; he served as a police sniper on Swat Teams for 27 years, and has been a sniper instructor for the past 25 years.

Mike has taught sniper schools for law enforcement and military personnel from around the world and has trained many of the sniper teams in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Washington.


He has competed in competitions around the world and has won many of them.


Some notable events: 



Austrian Super Sniper Shootout 1999-2000- Mike and his partner Dan Barber, placed 5th in 1999 and returned in 2000, where they were the first American team to win this event. This competition invites the best military and police sniper teams from around the world. 60 teams are invited to compete in this event for a week. Some notable teams at the competition Czch Republic Guard, , US Army, GSG9 Germany, Gendamaria Cobra Austria, Israeli Moussad, Russian Special Forces, British SAS and numerous other full time anti-terrorist teams from Europe and Asia.


New Zealand Vortex Mountain Challenge 2015- Mike and his partner Dennis Vanacker won this event traversing miles of mountain terrain and engaging targets out to 1200 yards.


North American Sniper Championships-  Mike competed in the 2011 North American Sniper Championships in Mississippi and won the Top Gun Award for 1st place individual and 3rd place team.


Sniper Craft Far West Challenge- 1st place team and 1st Place individual 2006, 2007.


Counter Measures Tactical invitational- 1st place 2005.


Mike has worked with the Secret Service conducting sniper over watch for 4 presidents of the USA and other dignitaries. Mike worked as sniper overwatch at the 1984 LA Olympics and was task by the FBI and Secret Service to develop, coordinate and deploy the sniper over watch teams for the Salt Lake Winter Olympics in 2002.


Mike has guided for 17 years and enjoys taking hunters out for their adventures. Mike got frustrated guiding hunters and watching them miss game animals at reasonable distances and decided to adapt some of his sniper instruction to help hunters learn how to shoot and how to shoot at longer ranges to hone fundamentals. 


Mike loves the outdoors and loves teaching people how to shoot. 


“I get really excited watching students smile as they start hitting targets at 600-1000 yards.” - Mike Perkins


Mike has hunted his entire life and has had the opportunity to hunt numerous places in North America, Africa, New Zealand. 


Mike developed Cross Hairs Long Range Hunting Schools starting in 1999 and with Ed’s help, they improved schools each year as the sport and technology evolved. Cross Hairs currently holds schools in Idaho, Utah, Texas, North Dakota, California, Arizona, New Zealand.



Dave Weitz

Dave started training with our sniper team several years ago as a friend. He loved shooting and quickly became addicted to the sport. He put in the time, effort and practice, to now be recognized as one of the top long range tactical shooters in the USA. He has reached the level now where he is invited to events that only the best attend. He travels regularly around the country to compete.  He has developed a great knowledge base of what it takes to really be and expert rifleman.


Dave really enjoys teaching others and helping them learn those skills it takes to be a successful shooter. You will enjoy Dave’s company and his hands on instruction style. Dave has also become an expert in the art of Fly Logging- ask him to demonstrate. 

 Dennis VanAcker

 Dennis is a former student that has taken his shooting skills to a new level. He is a competitive LR shooter and has become a great instructor. He loves to share his knowledge with others and help them make those improvements they are seeking.

Dennis, is an avid hunter and spends many days in the field scouting and hunting game. His passion for the shooting sports and hunting is evident as he has gotten his wife and children involved in shooting and hunting. 

You will enjoy Dennis as an instructor in the classes.

Past Instructors

Ed Rochnowski

Ed, unfortunately, is no longer with us. He died October 20th 2015. I asked Ed to Join me at Cross Hairs in 2000. He was a wonderful partner for these many years. He will always be remembered, however, and we continue on with Cross-Hairs LR Hunting School always remembering him..


Ed was an avid hunter and shooter. He had a tremendous knowledge base about guns, loading, firearm set up and shooting. He had hunted around the world and harvested animals from several continents.


He had a history of teaching, and loved helping his students reach their goals; he would have done anything to help you get where you wanted to go.



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