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        Share it with us and we'll post it here.    Please keep in mind we now have a limit of 2 pictures per successful hunt!

 2019 got off to a fast start with these two hunters taking fine deer during archery season. Dennis guided them and he can tell the story. One of them was taken at 5 yards.

Nice bull taken by one of Dennis's hunters early season rifle. Then Dennis connected on this nice goat in Idaho with bis bow.

                                                Successful Hunts 2018

            Season has been good so far. Lots of animals taken by students.

                If you have one to contribute send Mike the pic to be posted.

IMomba is down. 2 months work to find, hunt and harvest this buck.

Gerry made a fantastic 780 yard shot on htis great Colorado buck. He said,"your school paid off!"

I              Dennis VanAcker Sr. with his great 7x7

Found this bull on opening day and had him at 680 yards with 25mph wind so I just didn't feel good about the shot and let him walk away.   That afternoon at 1:00 we set up on this bull and waited him out for 6 hours but he didn't show.  Right before dark we heard a bugle and it was him but he was a 1/2 mile away therefore we backed out again.   Yesterday we went back in before dark and found him right where we had seen him the morning before.  Tay and I crawled in and got in good position and I shot him at 480 yards (no wind).  I was going to text you today because we came to town to drop the horns off to the taxidermist and meat off to the butcher.  He's a big bull and I will send you the pictures.  The scope and gun worked amazingly.  We couldn't have done this without you, your shooting tips, and the Vortex scope.  It performed just like you said it would.  I also concentrated on the crosshairs.  Thanks again Mike!  We shot him a little after daylight and got him out at 9:15 last night.  It was a long, hard, and good day.  Heading back in to get Tay a bull.  Thanks for your friendship.

Arts massive Dahl ram in Alaska taken at 480 yards.

Pauls Great bull on the Alaska adventure.Self guided.

Jarad took this great bull in Alaska. Ask him and paul about the grizzly encounters.

Dave has dreaned of going on  buffalo hunt. He finally got it done with abow. Dreams do come true. Great job Dave.

Successful Hunts 2016

Successful Hunts 2016

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Dennis and Mike in Africa Warthog and Nyala

Dennis VanAcker Impala and Gemsbok

Dennis VanAcker Impala and Blesbok

Dennis VanAcker took this beautiful Kudu Bull after hunting hard for 3 days to find him.

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