Caldwell Veterans Memorial Long Range Competition

                                                                Presented by Caldwell Veterans Council

                                         supporting Veterans needs in the Treasure Valley

                                                                501(3)(c) qualified

TBD 2021                                      Divisions: Adult Teams

Location: Owyhee Front (TBD)                                                 Adult + Youth Teams (youth10-17)

                                                                                                    Womens Teams

Cost: $300 per  team


Adult Teams
Womens Teams
Adult + Youth Teams

                           Match Sponsorships

Sponsors can register to sponsor a shooting station (12 station sponsors availble) $250 per station.

We will provide a sign at the station with sponsors name.

Sponsors wishing to donate product for a fundraising raffle, can contact:

Mike Perkins at or Ph: 208-891-4854



Friday May 15th- Adult Teams- 2 person team-18 and older

     7:00 check-in - match starts at 8:30. Should be completed by 4pm.

Saturday May 16th- Womens Teams/ Adult+Youth teams(youth 10-17)

     7:00 check-in - match starts at 8:30. Should be completed by 4pm.

Equipment Allowed:

Rifle weight is limited to 11 lbs without scope/bi-pod/ammo -Max caliber 338

Each shooter must use theri own rifle

65 rounds total

Shooting sticks limited to tri-pod or bi-pod

Back pack, rear bag.

Cell phone/ Kestral

Hearing and eye protection mandatory

Course of Fire:

Teams will travel to 12 different shooting stations and engage steel targets at each station.

Teams will be assigned a starting station with one other team. When teams arrive at each station, they will give their score sheets to the station RSO and designate who the first shooter will be on their team.

Teams will flip a coin to see which team shoots first at their first station. Teams will alternate which team shoots first at each subsequent station.

RSO at each station will be in charge of scoring and calling hits and misses and timing for each team.

Preparation period:

When teams arrive at a shooting station, both teams will have a 3 minute preparation period to range targets, read wind and put information on their rifles. Once the prep period has ended, the team shooting first on that station will be put on the clock for their shots to be fired. Teams arriving at a station where another team has not finished should stay back in the designated “wait area” to allow the teams to finish before approaching the station.

The team shooting first at each station should get set up in the marked shooting position during the prep period and be ready to shoot when the prep period ends.



Each team will be given 5 minutes to shoot all 10 shots.

The RSO will be responsible for keeping time and calling hits and misses for the team shooting. RSO has final say on hits and misses. The RSO will announce to the shooting team when they have 1 minute left on their time.

Each shooter on a team will engage the target(s) at each station. Shooters will shoot 5 shots at each station as follows- 3 shots on the primary target and 2 shot on the bonus target.


Primary Target: First Round Hit: is worth 3 points / Second Round Hit: is worth 2 point / Third Round Hit: is worth 1 point

Bonus Target : 1st round hit worth 5 points/ 2nd round hit 3 points

** If the station only has one primary target all 5 shots will be shot on that target and scoring will be the same

When finished with the match, teams will turn in their score sheets to the officials scoring table.


Travel / Safety

Travel: all teams will travel the course in their ATV or 4x4 pickups. Extreme caution should be taken while on the course to avoid any accidents. No off trail riding or horse play while on the course.

Rifles: all rifles will be empty while traveling from station to station. Rifles will only be loaded when a team is in the shooting position ready to shoot. RSO will check each team when firing at a station is finished to make sure rifles are clear and safe.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes will be given in all 3 divisions

Divisions: Adult/ Womens/ Adult+Youth

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