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Hey Mike, I thought I would send you a picture of the moose I got last week. I was hunting in the South East part of Idaho and got him on the sixth day of our trip. He was the only bull we saw that week. I was less than 100 yards away when I shot. I hope all is well. Take care

Ken Johnson

Mike and Ed,  Just wanted to say thanks for all of the training. Killed my first elk on Friday at 812 yards! Thanks for EVERYTHING !!!

-Dillon Cooper

Sarah VanAcker , a student from this spring, haevested this great antelope in Idaho. Saw him at 950 and stalked in to 160 yards and took this great buck. Congrats Sarah!

Savannah Pruett harvested this nice deer at 577 yards with her new 300 Norma Mag.  Great job and I love the smiles on young people faces!!! Mike

Jeff Ames got this nice bull after several days of hunting hard in north east Idaho.  

Congrats !!

Mike, got this nice Muley buck after 2 days hunting in bad weather. 340 yard shot with the rifle you set up. Thanks for the class and info- Drew

Called this cat up thanksgiving while coyote hunting and shot her between the eyes at 110 yards. Ok that's my last bragging board! We had a super great time and learned a ton of valuable information.

See you in August.


Hey Mike,

I wanted to share with you my first mule deer with you.  I shoot this nice 4x4 buck at 411 yards with my dad’s 25-06. Thank you for your help with my shooting and making it a great hunt with my dad possible.

Shalynn Balls

Went hunting with Mike in Idaho and had an amazing experience with this bull. Saw the herd of 120 elk with 25 bulls the evening before. We figured where they were going and coming from. Went set up the next morning at first light and watched the elk filing up the mounting to a small basin in front of us. The herd moved in with the cows meowing and the bulls bugling. Bulls were chasing and fighting. Watched the whole show for about an hour. Then picked out this bull and put him down at 240 yards with my 6.5X284. 

Great hunt.- Larry 

Saw 4 wolves running a ridge above Garden Valley. Couldn’t get on the big black one but this guy stopped at 660 yards across the canyon and I made the shot in a 10 mph cross wind. The LR stuff works if you know what you’re doing. See you this spring for more class time.


Mike, thought I would send this over to you. I shot this Antelope down on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation a couple weeks ago at 825 yards with about a 10 mph cross wind. I'm shooting a Gunwerks 6.5 x 284 with the Nightforce pictured in the photo. Thanks for the info in the class
Jon Roth

Jerry Hardman’s  nephew 14, Harvested this fine bull in Northern Utah last week they scouted the area earlier in September and located several good bulls. On opening day they located this bull and stocked within 150. 2 well placed shots anchored him. Only problem is a bull that nice at 14 will be hard to match oe better over his hunting carrier . Congratulation on great bull!


This one jumped up at 50 yards. He was one hop from being out of sight when he stopped to assess the threat. We don't always get a long shot. This is a very good coastal black tail. It dressed out at 142lbs and is a heavy interred 3x3.

Rob Budwig

Mike and Ed, just wanted to share my bull with you. Scouted for many days prior to the season and finally found this 6x8 with some cows. Stalked to 240 yards and made a perfect shoulder shot to put him down. From the picture you can tell he was down in the flats in area 45. Most of the elk we found were down in the flats not up high. Good luck to all the hunters out there.


In Tajikistan and heading home on Nov 7.  Marco Polo is 58X56 1/2...respectable. Now for your teacher skills, 1 shot kill at 640 yards, snowing and cloudy, 18 degree F, 20 degree uphill, poor visibility and no wind adjustment. Thank you for your assistance and patience. DAMN,I REALLY AM GOOD.Actually, all I did was trust your dope and squeeze the trigger. With your instruction at Shooting School, I believe my bird dog could have made the same shot.

Thanks again,



Here's the picture you wanted.  The shot was about 430 yards at a +45 degree angle.  With the skills learned at your school and Ed's help with hardware it adds a lot of confidence when taking these longer shots.


- Jim Ciardelli

Mike, I took this free range fallow in Scotland in September. Chip shot at 274 yards but much more confident since your school. Perfect quartering away shot and took out the opposite shoulder. He went about 30 yards. Hope to see you again in the Spring!

Mike, I took this decent Mule Deer a few minutes from my house a few weeks back. He jumped up at 550 yards and scooted around the hill. After a short stalk put a 265 yard shot on him at a fairly steep angle as you can see from the back drop. Thanks again for your expert advice.  

Mike and Ed, having gone through the school twice the second time with my son. I have gained a lot of new confidence in my shooting and trust in my equipment. Last year was special having 5 friends and family members use my rifle to harvest elk and deer. This year was even better hunting with my son after attending the school and seeing him harvest his elk. This mulie was at 200 yards and dropped at the shot. Thanks for all of the information you and Ed have given us.

Rod Bradley

Mike and Ed, thanks for the school to build my confidence shooting and hunting. Got this nice bull at 300 yards one shot and with the practice we’ve done it was a very comfortable shot to take.

 Thanks- Colby

Hi mike, seasons greetings to you also, hope all is well on your side of the globe.
Here's a photo of a bull I took on a week long public land foot hunt a couple of weeks ago. He was only 320 yards away so wasn't to much of a drama for the Blaser after taking the class. Look forward to seeing you again soon.



Jon Roth BC Goat 824 yards with 7LRM

Trace Roth Owyhee Bull 300 yards with 7LRM.


Nevada Antelope 730 Yards with LRm

Kyle Roth Owhyee Bull 229 with 7LRM


Thanks again for the shooting instructions that you and Ed provided in class!

Jon Roth

Saw this bull in the morning across a canyon 628 yards. Told another hunter in camp, Dan, who had trouble walking because of a broken ankle a couple moths ago, about the bull and told him we could get on him in the evening. Dan who doesn't shoot long range but asked if I could help him with my rifle. I took Dan out and had him shoot a couple of shots at 655 yards to get a feel for the rifle. Went back to the canyon and set up as close as we could, 600 yards across the canyon and waited for the bull to come out. He appeared late evening and finally moved out from behind the trees and was at 570 yards. I set the rifle up for Dan and he made a perfect shoulder shot and the bull went straight down. Beautiful bull and Dan was very excited. He and 3 friends are now coming to a school next spring.

Hey Mike,

I did all this long range shooting this summer so I was ready to take a long range shot this hunting season and I did not need it. I made a extremely long range shot on this nice 28 1/2 wide 4x5 buck. It was a whopping 83 yard shot. Thank you for you and Ed’s help the last couple years to make these hunts with my daughters the greats experiences in the world. There is nothing in the world better than sharing the great outdoors with family. - Brant Balls


We like the way we all shot this year. 4 shots fired 4 deer on the ground. My buddy shot 262 yards on his nice 4x4. 

Hey Mike,

I just wanted to share this years hunting experience with you. I didn't have a lot of time to hunt, so I took this doe with my .243 at 408 yds. I wanted to say thank you for teaching and working with me on the fundamentals for shooting it really has impacted my shooting and I was able to make a good shot at my deer.  

-Marissa Balls


Took 4 youth hunters and two dads to the ranch in Wyoming. Had a great hunt and took 6 nice bucks. All the hunters got their first Antelope.

Congrats to Hunter, Connor, Owen, Peyton and the two dads Orville and Mark!

-Mike Perkins


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